How to follow a diet (and not abandon it)

Once again you think about putting yourself on a diet, you start one, you follow it for a few weeks and … you give up. What has failed? We help you not to fail again with the definitive advice to follow successfully a diet that we present to you next. Encourage yourself to follow a successful diet.

The 2 Week Diet

Say goodbye to magical diets
Those that have increasingly strange names, that take away everything that you like to eat, that force you to buy expensive or hard to find products and for which the words health and enjoyment are frightened. Miracle diets are not reliable.

The 2 Week Diet

Go to an expert
It is normal that at first you do not know how much weight you should lose, what you should eat and how you can do to integrate good eating habits into your daily routine, so it is necessary to go to an expert, in this case, a dietitian-nutritionist. Believe that we have all the necessary knowledge in nutrition to go on a diet is a big mistake. If we want to change our diet, it is necessary to visit a nutrition specialist to advise us. How was that “with food is not played”? Take it seriously.

The 3 Week Diet

Eat everything in its proper measure
The prohibition imposed by some methods of weight loss on not being able to eat bread, pasta, fruit or olive oil, among other fundamental foods, can cause a deficit of essential nutrients for our body. This practice, in addition, has the opposite effect to the desired one, the body feels that it is not being administered certain nutrients necessary for its correct functioning and acts to store fats for future periods of food restriction.

Make five meals a day
It is very common to skip breakfast or eat only one piece of fruit, for example, and this is not good or effective. When we eat, the organism starts up and burns calories, as well as making several ingests throughout the day allows us not to go hungry and avoid temptations. The recommendation of the majority of dieticians is to make five meals a day: three main ones (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks (mid morning and snack).
The 2 Week Diet

Beware of light
These foods can help us replace the consumption of more caloric products with their light versions. Of course, it should be clear that light are not foods that lose weight or make us lose weight. A large consumption, believing that they do not contribute too many calories, will have the same negative effects as its normal version.

Write a diary about what you eat
This practice is recommended by many dieticians and consists of recording everything you eat throughout the day, including the preparation of the food, the ingredients, the time, the place, the quantity and even the company. It is not something that can be used to calculate calories, but it is an exercise in self-control of our eating habits so that we know what we are doing right or wrong when it comes to eating a balanced diet.

Plan ahead what you are going to eat
That will keep you from going straight to the fast food section of the super or attacks the bag of chips you have in the pantry. This custom will help you to know what you have to buy to prepare daily the different meals of the day, without improvisation.

The art of cooking without fats
Cooking techniques that do not add fat and retain nutrients are as important as the foods we eat. Become a professional oven, steam cooking, crudités, tartares, carpaccios, papillotes, broths in cooking, salt preparations and, of course, grilled. You will see how the results surprise you, the food knows you, satisfies you and you will love it, besides sitting superbly and giving you the right calories.

Eating should be a ritual
Set the table, sit down, serve the dishes, chew the food well … rules that should be obligatory, but are often impossible due to the pace of life and work we carry. “Concentrating on the foods that we put in our mouths is one of the most important functions in which we must repair, because our physical and mental state will depend on what we eat and how we do it,” explains dietitian Sonia Martinez.

Change your priorities: learn to eat again
Fill your fridge with fish, vegetables and seasonal fruit, whole grains, water, legumes, nuts, olive oil, lean meat and leave for special occasions red meat, fatty cheeses, cream, butter, whole milk , the sausage, the batter, the fried, the sugar and the sweets. In short, it designs a type of healthy, but satisfying food. A plate of vegetables fills more than a hamburger and prevents attacks of hunger. Drinking water before meals helps us to be hydrated, eliminate liquids and take away some appetite. Changing the refined products by the integrals will provide us with more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more health.

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